Saturday, March 28, 2009

polotics and me...just don't go together at all

I just posted earlier in the nhpreppers blog, and I was all upset. This is why; whenever I think about the injustices that are done us, the people of the USA, in the name of 'government', or anything else, it makes me want to puke.
We're expected to 'take it like a man', so to speak. Guess what? I'm not a man, I'm a woman. We all, men, women and children have rights that are being taken from us on a seemingly daily basis. Laws are passed that is not good for us, the economy or even the earth.
You know that saying, "Do as I say, not as I do"? That is how we're treated. We aren't all children. I'm not sticking my head in the sand about things just because I don't like it. But I am trying to help to make the world a better place. This is the greatest nation on earth, and yet, we are often treated like chattel. I am not against helping anyone, but I also think charity begins at home.
I may not call myself a christian, but I do believe in a supreme creator. I also believe the Great Creator gave us minds to think with. There are always reasons for the things we go thru, sometimes it's just to make us stronger. Sometimes it's to right a wrong. But when some idiot in office treats us as if we don't matter, then it's time to say, "Screw you!"
I don't vote anymore. It doesn't make a difference anyway. The college electoral vote decides who will win anyway. So why bother? I use to think it made a difference. I know there are people who think if you don't vote you're part of the problem, I say, as did George Carlin, if you vote, you're part of the problem. Either way, it goes the way the 'leaders' want, and very seldom the way we, the common man want. And...
even if we 'seem' to get what we want, the cost is often too damn high. Because just as sure as you're reading this, if a bill or law you want to pass, does pass, there is usually another law hidden in there somewhere that you really don't want.
Maybe the government needs a downfall. I personally believe that all these natural disasters are natures' and Gods' way of saying "Wake up!!!" and smell the coffee. But of course government doesn't do that.
I've noticed for a few years now, that certain books and movies seem to have an inkling of what's happening. It seems as if when the movie or book does come out, and within a fairly short period of time, it happens in real time.
There is injustice all over the world. None of it is right. This isn't why the planet was created, so the few could use and abuse and enslave the many. We have hidden our heads in the sand for way, way too long thinking that the government knew what was best for us. Apparently they don't, since as you can plainly see, everything is damn near screwed up. Sort of reminds me of a fubar.
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