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To be a Wielder of Magick

To Be a Wielder of Magick

I sometimes wonder about things, many things. One of the things that has been bothering me is the fact that I’m not getting any sales. Perhaps it’s because I’m openly a witch/pagan. I base this statement on this basis. When I date someone, I always tell them that I’m a witch. They begin to ask all kinds of silly questions. Some of them seem to have a fear of me, or rather of what they think I’m going to do to them. Perhaps they have not-so-nice, ulterior motives. At any rate, I think its ignorance most of all. I’ve always been just like I am now. I’ve been a Christian, and I’ve been a pagan. I feel as if I was chosen to be on this path, but I also feel as if I chose this path.
I remember when I was very young. I use to go outside and eat certain flowers. I later learned that these flowers heal people. Whatever you think I am does not matter. Because I am what I am, and I will be what I will be. I am a wielder of magick, and I do work with these natural energies for a variety of reasons. Most of all, it is an inherent part of me.
There was a time when we were looked upon as a welcome acquisition to the community. We were healers and mid-wives. Then along came Christianity with their lies, and their beliefs, and we were branded as the devil’s spawn, devil worshipers, evil, etc. I’m only giving an abbreviated version here. If you look in Strong’s Concordance at the original word, you would see that it meant a person who sells drugs. And it would say sorcerer, sorceress, and one who reads signs and the stars. Of course, that was years ago when I used to study the bible so much. I used the same tools as if I were in a Seminary. Regardless, I do not intend to become something else.
I have a couple of simple rules I use, 1) I don’t do anything to harm someone else, and 2)I try to help others, as well as myself. I work with the energies, and yes, I also cast spells. I don’t have a familiar. But I do have spirits who like my company, and who watch out for me. I’ve also known a few gods to be around occasionally.
I see no reason to hide what I am. Do Christians hide what they are? Why should I? It’s a religion. I practice an eclectic style of paganism. I prefer the old style to the new. I don’t prescribe to any one ‘flavor’ of paganism. I work with energy, intent, incense, candles and little else.
The fact that I openly proclaim what I am should create a sense of trust in buying my products, simply because I’m not hiding anything. I don’t say that my family has been involved in any particular thing for years. It’s not true, so I’m not saying it. I will say that I have been practing a type of mental magick for years.
Here are a few quotes I copied and pasted from the web. They are along the lines of what I have often thought thru the years. I left the quotes in the original font, to differentiate from what I am writing.
“Originally, the idea of witches dated back to early antiquity when Greek and Roman gods and goddesses were thought to be the only magical thing around. The idea of a witch was actually considered a sign of good fortune because the gods had looked kindly down upon you and granted you with the gift of magic.”
“Witches were most often revered in ancient times; often know as being healers of their communities. Think of the traditional Indian medicine man, this is how witches were thought of, women who helped those who were sick. When the rise of Christianity came about, witches were deemed as evil because people could not explain where they received their "powers" to heal.
The height of this condemnation toward witches came in the late 1600's and more often referred to as the Salem Witch Trials. Women and men were both accused of being witches and this usually stemmed from just a single persons accusation. These accusations were also not built on actual seeing of "evil" doings and most often just based on not likening someone or their social status.”
“Women were revered as Earth Mother figures in ancient times. In Greece which was considered the intellectual civilization of the world at that time, crucial political decisions were made by consulting the simple peasant girls who were Apollo's oracles at Delphi.
By the Middle Ages men's earlier awe of woman altered from the point of viewing her as the personification of Mother Nature to that of viewing her as an avaricious and wicked soul. The fact that women produced living humans from their bodies was supernatural itself.
Women were then even blamed for storms and droughts. Men feared that women might gain power, so they dominated them with brute strength and used them as scapegoats. Joan of Arc was tried for heresy, but political power was the real issue involved.”
“The witches were the healers, the midwives, the chemists made from herbs, the seers, they were revered in the old religions before Christianity and the other religions came on the scene.”
. I practice alone. I don’t belong to a coven. I make my own way.
I suppose that’s all for now. If anyone has questions, please send email to and I will try to answer your questions.
Disclaimer: while you’re certainly free to download and read this document, please do not claim it as yours, nor make changes to it. These are my ideas and beliefs. You are free to distribute it, but you may not sell it.
Ankarloo, Bengt and Stuart Clark. Witchcraft and Magic in Europe. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999.


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