Friday, June 21, 2013

Designing for the modern web

The Modern Web

One of the things I like about this book is the format, it is very easy to follow and after each chapter this is a section entitled “Further Reading” which is good because you can find more information from reading other books on the subject. That is, if you think you need other books, since this book is written by a guru of web development.
For those of you with curious minds, in the book “The WHATWG (you don’t need to know what that acronym means),” is mentioned, and the WHATWG stands for “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group”. I wanted to know, and even though the author says I don’t need to know, I still wanted to know; so I did a search and found their webpage. Very interesting reading.
Anyway, back to the book. When designing websites in today’s world, we need to be aware of the various media our webpages are being viewed on. TV’s, iPhones, laptops, net books, Macs, tablets, etc. as well as the various web browsers being used. This doesn’t mean that we have to make one that fits all, nor do we have to make separate webpages for each type of media or browser. However, using CSS we can include code that will generate the view for the media being recognized.
Peter Gasston teaches you “modern coding methods and techniques that you can use to build websites that work across multiple devices.”  You’ll learn core technologies that you need to build websites across various platforms.  He also has once piece of advice that I find very true, and that is to keep up to date, and this is true regardless of whether you are a developer of a designer. You really can’t build an up to date website with outmoded ideas and technologies.
You can find the book here:

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