Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Redneck with knowledge!!!

Yeah I created this today...and here's why.
I am a woman, I do know how to fix quite a few things, and if I don't, I know where to get the knowledge. The cable guy came by this morning, asking about a call he says I made yesterday. I didn't call yesterday, it was Sunday. I've already fixed the problem by now. So he wants to check it anyway, so I tell him it was a faulty cable which I already switched out. He then proceeds to tell me that I have to make sure it makes a snap sound when I insert the cable. So I proceeded to tell him that I know, and that I took a course to repair computers. He looked upset at that, and then leaves.
Good for me for standing up to the moron. Bad for him for assuming that because I'm a woman, and I'm living in KY that I can't possibly know any of that stuff. Maybe people like him think it's above my abilities to figure out. I am not an idiot, and it's pretty easy if you happen to be a techie and a geek. Same thing to me, but maybe not to some, which is fine with me.
Y'all have a nice day, now, ya hear?
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