Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hacking Web Apps Review

In today’s world, we absolutely must be concerned about security. There are quite a few ways our information including our passwords, bank account information and personal identity can be stolen via the web. Most of the attacks need only the browser to access this information, according to Mike Shema. Mr. Shema is a well-respected authority in the web security field.
We, as web surfers, often buy products from various vendors on the web, and some of us even play games on the web, without a seconds’ thought about the possible consequences. We believe our privacy to be safe and even sacrosanct. But, as consumers, and specially as retailers, we really need to pay attention and be aware of the possible dangers of what we do. We wouldn’t leave the door unlocked while on vacation, or even while gone to work, the store, a movie or dinner date. So why do we often skip the security essentials of our web surfing, and our online activities? Are we really so complacent as to think that it couldn’t have to us?
In my not so humble opinion, we should all buy this book and follow its recommendations.

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