Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review for The Mystic Corner

My Favorite Place to Buy New Age & Metaphysical Supplies

 I copied this graphic from the website, If it works correctly, if you click on it, it should act as a link to the mystic corner. If not, then click on the underlined link.

Do you have a favorite place to buy your witchcraft, metaphysical, occult or new age supplies? I do. I have one that I treasure above all others. There are three other places that I buy certain supplies from, but most of my supplies come from The Mystic Corner.
They are my top supplier since I buy most of my supplies from them. For instance, they have 4” taper spell candles which are charged to “increase magical potential”. I can feel the energy they have imbued these candles with.
They have jewelry, which I have bought, and it is very nice. It has a good feeling to it. There is incense of many types, oils of various kinds and types, candles, tarot, occult supplies and books to name but a few. If you wish to make your own candles, they have kits and supplies for that. There are certainly too many to list in this short document.
I always tell others where I get my supplies; even people who make witchcraft supplies both for themselves and to sell to others. As a matter of a fact, while I’m now friends with one of them, I told her that I go to four specific sources.
I like to feel the energy of whatever I’m working with, and if I buy something, say a candle and it doesn’t feel right, and then I don’t usually buy candles there anymore. I have bought quite a few candles from The Mystic Corner and will continue to do so.
I like their products, and the whole feel I get from doing business with them. Their prices are fair, and the products are shipped in a timely manner. Their shopping cart is easy to use. If you change the quantity of an item, don’t do like I have a done a couple of times and forget to update the cart. It’s ok if you do, but the software will alert you to that so that you can update the cart, then you can either checkout or you can continue to shop. They also accept various credit cards, as well as PayPal.
I haven’t yet found anything I don’t like about them. They have my respect, and most of all they have my trust, which I don’t give easily. When I first found they’re website, I felt at home and I knew then that I wanted to be a customer for a long time.

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