Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mobile HTML5 Review

I have long been interested in creating apps for various devices, but I really didn’t want to limit myself to just one device. My daughters know of my little bit of programming experience, which admittedly I’ve forgotten most of what little I did learn, and one of them said to me, “Why don’t you program an app for the iPhone?” I said I would think about it since it seemed like a good idea. Of course, iPhone means MAC which I don’t use. I have a Windows machine, although I used to run a dual boot of Windows and Linux.
Thanks to this book, I can pursue the idea of developing apps if I wish. The author tells us how to develop for any device, as long as that device uses a web browser, and it isn’t OS dependent. That is great! I told a friend of mine, who happens to be an engineer about this book and he says he wants to get a copy. As to if he does? I have no idea. But based on what he said to me about an app some acquaintances of his were having trouble with, it’s real good bet that he will.
I like things to be at least somewhat simplified and this book helps achieve that. It can be good to specialize in just one OS, and create apps for that device, but then on the other hand, it helps sometimes to be a ‘jack of all trades’ developer. I may not be a developer, but I’m sort of a jack of all trades. I have people who call me when they have a hardware problem with their PC, as well as people who also call me with software problems. You try spending almost 8 hours on the phone trying to help someone get malware off the PC they’re trying to help someone else with and see how intense it can be. I was in Vermont and she was in Massachusetts. It was her father- in-laws’ PC, and he isn’t technical minded at all.
What does the preceding paragraph have to do with apps? It helps to drive home the point of being a jack of all trades technical person or developer. Sometimes pays to not specialize.

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