Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jump Start HTML5 Review

According to the authors, “although this book is meant for beginners, it isn’t totally comprehensive.” And yet, it does cover a multitude of subjects to get you up and running in using HTML5. Although the authors believe that you should know something about HTML, I think it possible to learn HTML 5 if you really put your mind to it.
Think about this scenario:
You just started class to learn how to design a website, and although they’ll be teaching you in design mode, they want you to learn how to hard code in HTML. The textbook is for HTML 5 and you’ve never worked with HTML before. What will you do then? You can always look on the web and find more about HTML, or even XHTML.  Perhaps your teacher doesn’t want you to learn an earlier version of HTML before you learn HTML 5.
When it comes to technology and the internet, all phases of it, you will find that things change at a nearly unprecedented rate. I know that some of the HTML I’ve learned in the past is obsolete and has to be taken off the shelf. Meaning I had to unlearn a few tags.
My point is, if you want to learn HTML 5, this is a good book to start. While you’re learning, you’ll also learn about web server software, such as Apache HTTP Server, WAMP, MAMP, among others. You will find plenty of material to keep you occupied and the tone of the book makes it easy to read.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants, or needs, to learn HTML 5. Me included.


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