Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where is today's church??? (Updated from 2014)

Ok, I can hear it now. What do you mean, where is today's church? AND, before you say a word, I KNOW the church is actually the people, and not a physical building. Although to hear people talk, they seem to think it's a brick and mortar building. I mean, why is it that the church isn't doing it's job? If you think it is, then think again. Instead of concentrating on the major things that need to be fixed, the church is nitpicking. There is no other way to describe it.

Where I live, this is reputed to be the poorest county in Kentucky. (Side note: I have since then moved to be nearer my daughters.)There were drug deals going on in front of my porch until I stood on the porch a couple of times and said that if I saw anybody dealing drugs that I would call the police. I also said that if they want to be stupid and do drugs or deal, it's their business, but that it makes it look bad on me when they deal in front of my home. They stopped dealing so openly in front of my home. Thank the Lord!

And then there's the abuse, both of humans and animals. I even called the police because of three teens who were sitting in front of a business across from me, and one of the girls was picking up a dog, which looked like it was about a third grown, and literally slamming it down on the pavement. I told her to knock it off or I would call the police to which she responded."Call the police, you old bitch!" To which I responded, "I'm not that old." After which I looked up the number and called them. They came down and sent the teens home.
And then there is the subject of demons.

I personally think this is all a bunch of BS. I will address each concern, one at a time. First of all, Estill County doesn't have to be the poorest county in Kentucky. Why don't the churches, either singly of together, have a prayer circle and pray for the prosperity of this county and it's citizens? Satan will illegally come against families, their finances, their children, their health, the schools, the government entities such as city hall,, the police department and anything else to make things as hard as possible and hope that people will start to believe that Jesus isn't the answer. Ya gotta have faith that He told the truth, otherwise, we're all just wasting our time. I know that the church isn't telling and teach all the truth about God, Jesus and the Bible. It's mostly about money, power, control and politics. I know some people who call themselves preacher, minister, or pastor who aren't living as they should. You aren't supposed to lie, for one thing. You're supposed to be big enough to admit it when you are wrong or maybe just plain ignorant of something. Nah, it's about the power trip for some people. I also realize that none of us are perfect. I'm just saying that if there was a prayer circle to pray about these things, as well as a prayer walk, it would help.
You ever stand around and have a conversation about something and someone will say, "There's nothing we can do about it." That is what satan would like for you to think. You can pray! The power of life and death are in the tongue, according to James and Proverbs.

When we allow anyone to take our power and rights away, it's wrong. If we are so weak, and lacking in faith or belief, then maybe we need to clean up our act. Maybe we need to take action and start believing in the power given to us by Jesus  Maybe we need to start believing that we are sons of God once we are born again and the Holy Spirit fills us with His power. Jesus gave us all power and authority over the enemy.
You know, when I was growing up, I never heard anything about the Holy Spirit. Nor did I hear anything about demons or spiritual warfare. Oh sure I read it in the Bible, but I didn't think too much about it. I was always asking questions which most people didn't have answers too.

There are too many divisions among the 'churches' as it is. So we have denominations. Jesus to not let there be divisions among you, and yet, here we are. Divided. It doesn't matter which church you belong to. You need to be aware of the ways of the devil and demons so as to be ready when they come knocking. "My people perish for lack of knowledge." This is so true. I've had demons come after me, and I've had the devil to come against my family as well as myself. They haven't won yet. I was rather curious about why a particular demon couldn't physically attack me although it was obvious that it wanted too. It was furious and gave out a howl that would awaken anyone, you would think. It didn't, though. Neither of my brothers heard it. I did. I realized the reason it didn't get to me was because an angel was there watching over me. So, I went back to sleep. Along time ago, I was given the gift of discernment among others. That's one of the ways I know. God the Father tells me, although I suppose it might be better to say the Holy Spirit tells me these things. I believe we all have the gift of discernment but may not realize it.
Ok people, enough for now.
Happy reading!
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