Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Naked Bible Postcast and the Green Bay Packers

One year my youngest daughter invited me to eat dinner with them at an apartment they had just rented. Now it use to be that I was a big sports fan and could tell you who would most likely win just by the name of the teams playing. For instance, the Packers can pack it in. Dolphins can swim faster than buffalo can run and for a longer distance. Week 16 of the season, the score was 34-31, Dolphins won. I don't watch sports much anymore, but for awhile, I was really into it. It's the same for horses. I went to a horse race in Lexington once on a date. Now it wasn't live, which was great for me since I have social phobia to a certain extent. My date gives me 2 dollars and tells me he wants me to bet on a certain horse. I said, he ain't gonna win. The date says, "Whaddya mean?" I said, this is who is going to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Of that's before I learned about first, place and show. I called it right, and if I'd had money with me, I would've bet and won $17,802.
Now, I look at Bible studies pretty much the same way. There are people who, God bless them, seem to just spout the same thing they've been taught but never once bother researching anything for themselves. Me? I like to know what people are really teaching, and if it makes sense in the scheme of things.
If you want to learn the Bible from a new but better perspective, then please go to
Mike makes a lot of sense, and he answers many of the questions that I've had for years. I've had people get mad at me for the questions I've asked over the years. I guess my questions were just too deep. I enjoy listening to Mike, and I've already 4 of his books and he has 1 coming out in Feb or Mar of this year that I really want to get.
Happy reading!
And in case you're wondering:
What's the connection to The Naked Bible Podcast and the Packers? Oh, yeah, Mike likes the Packers. So do I.

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