Saturday, April 28, 2007

dust storms

Hi all,
I thought it might be about time to post something new. Today, right now in fact, we are having a dust storm, which seems to be almost over. I like storms, they are cleansing, and they have a lot of power that can be tapped into if you wish to use it for magick. Just think! The awesomeness of a storm. I used to call up rain and thunder storms for my daughters, when they were small. But I digress a little.
I wish to analyze the symbolism of dust storms. What is a dust storm? A helluva lot of dust and wind. Which can be used to cover something else up. Like impending rain, if there is to be any. Which is cool, we need the rain. Besides, rain is cool. If you don't like rain, too bad. I do. Now I might not like rain if I were on the back of the bike, or even like dust storms. But such is nature, she does seem to be somewhat capricious at times. Oops! Guess I'm getting off track again. LOL. Oh well, as they say, stuff happens. The way I see it, storms are great for clearing the air, among other things.
There are people who are afraid of storms, people who love storms, and people who just tolerate them. I guess it depends on where you are. When I was driving, I loved the storms and rain, I just didn't like it raining so hard I couldn't see to drive. I asked the rain to slow down so I could see, occasionally it didn't, but most of the time it did. Now I suppose you are wondering why I menationed that? Real simple, it's part of being in control of your reality. Your reality isn't mine, and mine isn't yours. I love storms, and unless I'm riding, I'm going to ask for one when I feel the need for it. No, I didn't call up this storm, but I did wish it would rain. It hasn't started yet, but the sky is getting grey. I personally want the rain. Not cause I'm trying to be mean, but I need it. And frankly, I hope it storms, (thunder, lightening, rain...the whole nine yards) all damn night. Maybe then I'll feel better. Let the power of the storm cleanse me of a few things.
Anger for one. I don't have anger at one particular person, but at many people, so don't even go there. I want to let go of the old patterns, and create new ones for myself. We all need to let go of the past, if we don' can tear us apart. And anyone else involved with us as well. There are patterns instilled within our psyche, based on our life experiences...many of these patterns need to be replaced. But if we let the old continually interfere, we can't do that...well, we might can, but it will take a lot longer. There are different ways of doing a self-cleansing, but storms are my preferred way. And if I prefer to not call up a storm, I can always do a shower, or bath...or even send it down to mother earth and ask her to neutralize it and release it to be re-used. So there are ways to cleansing one-self. So while the dust of life can cover up a multitude of things, the rain always washes it away.
Peace to all,

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