Sunday, April 8, 2007

earth's coming changes, and the dreams

First off, I'll warn you this may be a long post. It involves three dreams, and my tying them in with the coming earth changes. So please, bear with me.
I have a few things to say about the coming changes. These are my personal feelings about them, and are no reflection on any one else's opinion. Today is Easter, when fertility is celebrated. There are many ways of being fertile...even a fertile imagination. So if all I have to say is in my imagination, then I have a very vivid, fertile imagination. Cool! But I personally think there is something to all this.
I see things sometimes, and I have dreams about things. Sometime ago I had three particular dreams and even tho I can usually figure out the meaning of my dreams, these ones have eluded me for years. I think I finally have at least an inkling about them. They seem to tie in with the coming events.
I will first tell about the dreams, the first one seperately, then the last two together so as to avoid confusion, then tie them in with future events.
In one dream, I was with a man who was my husband, but not my husband. (Which is always indicative of the future, in my personal dreams.) We were in a small airplane, either a single or twin engine. I know it was white. My man owned it, and we were flying when we developed engine trouble. We had no choice but to land. We were the only people on board. When we landed, we were in a primeval forest. There were people living there, dressed in skins...much as native americans wear. They were well made. These people had never seen an airplane before, and yet a couple of them were working to help my man get the engine fixed. It was beautiful there, the trees so tall and green, without any industrial pollution going on. In the evenings, we sat around a communal camp fire, ate and talked. I loved it there, and I loved the people. I hated to leave, and yet, I knew I had too. It was a matter of honor for me. I came with my man, even tho we didn't love each other any more. It came to the point where the chief's son wanted me to stay and was willing to fight for me...I couldn't allow this to happen. The man didn't own me, I did. I told the chief's son, if there was to be a fight for me then I would do the fighting. It was decided that knives would be used, they looked like old hickory butcher knives. If I won, then I would be free to leave if I chose. If he won, then I would stay. I knew that I needed to win, honor was at stake. We fought, and I won, but during the battle, I received a cut across the palm of my right hand. The injury did not stop the fight, there was too much at stake...even tho I was given a choice. I chose to contimue defending my honor. No one died during this fight, and no one was supposed to. These people knew what honor meant. After the fight, I asked one of the women to get the first aid kit from the plane. I had to explain what I meant by the first aid kit, but after showing her the size with my hands, and telling her the color, she brought it back to me. I opened it, and they were astounded at the gauze and other standard items in the first aid kit. I showed them how to use it, and gave them some of it, including the white surgical tape. To stop the bleeding, we used moss. As I had just finished putting the bandage on my hand, they came to tell me that we had to go, the plane was working now. I explained to the chief's son why I had to do this, but that I would always remember him. I went to the plane, and then we flew away.
Ok, here is what I think it means.
The reason that it has both a past and future overtone is because it hasn't happened yet, but the fact that I now understand it may be indicative of the fact that it is to occur soon, perhaps within the next couple of years. The man who was my man at the time, is future or very recently acquired boyfriend. The plane represents a mode of transportation. The primeval forest is how this planet looked in our long ago past, and what it will be again. Pure and beautiful. The people were primative, and in an older mode of dress, possibly suggesting that we will once again utilize all parts of the animals we kill to survive. These people may have been living in a primative manner, but they were highly intelligent. The fight was about honor and feeling that I'm worth fighting for. Especially to myself, even tho I sustained an injury. It wasn't life threatening, and it went on until someone won the fight. Sometimes honor has a price, which we are all too willing to forego for whatever reasons, as if that is a thing of the past. Honor still lives in some of us. I do remember the chief''s son, and I often think about him. I wish, truly, that I could have stayed. I miss him even to this day. But that would have been dishonorable. I remember thinking in the dream, that if there was ever a way to honorably go to him, I will. Knives are sharp instruments, used for severing things. This one was used to sever the way things are, the past; and yes there was blood let, which signifies power, a blood sacrifice if you will. This helped to set it in motion.
Now, on to the second and third dream. I was on a beach at a lake. This lake was situated in the mountains. I often went there to think. I was sort of like a priestess at the time. I may have been on another planet, this is what it seems to me. Even after all these years. The man was a very close friend, he seems to always show up in my life. He had come to say good-bye. The planet, our home, was being destroyed. Not all people on our planet could leave for new homes on another world. There were too many of us. So many of us were chosen, to stay behind to help those who would be going thru the transition. And many of us were chosen to leave our home planet, and come here to help when your time of transition came. While we were chosen, it still remained a matter of free stay and help or go to a new planet and help. He chose to stay, I chose to go...because that is where we could do the most good. We each have our inherent strengths and weaknesses. All are worthy of being chosen. Unlike on this world, we had a sense of honor, we had integrety, and we had principles. That isn't to say that it is totally lacking her, but I have had the pleasure of meeting very few. The ones I have met, I am homored to call tehm my friend. I thin most of them are like me, from another planet, or dimension. I hope I don't offend them by my statement, it is a priveledge to know you. I am a humoid in a human body, having to live as a human. And yet I try to live up to the same things as I would do if I were home. A home which is no more. Ye gods! But I have cried bitter tears over the loss we sustained, but as many for what you earthlings will soon go thru. I've had friends who have seen me cry over things like this. Would I do it any differently? Only if my planet hadn't been destroyed. Have you heard of the concept of walkins? Not the hair salon variety. But spiritual beings, and aliens who inhabit human bodies after a near death experience or who have actually died. On a side note, I have met at least four, maybe five people here who meet the criteria. They may be, they may not be. But if so, they have their work cut out for them. They have exchanged souls with the earthlings who had had enough of this world, and just wanted out. In my case, when it was time to be born, my paternal grandmother tried to deliver me. I got stuck, to use my mom's term, and they had to take her to Doc Henson's clinic in Hamlin, where I was delivered. I believe I died during that time and was brought back to life during the birth process. I had a caul over my head, and my mom says there was a bright light light there as well. Maybe this is true, and maybe it isn't, but it fits the criteria, since I'm not much like my parents. Neither are my brothers. This would have been a prime opportunity for me to come to earth without anyone the wiser. I have adhd, and as such I often feel alienated from perhaps that is all it is, but there are too many things that have happened in my life to totally believe it.
When the earth starts her labor pains, there will be tremendous upheaval. This will cause many to think the biblical apocalypse is happening. Don't believe it, it is the earth cleansing herself...after years of misconduct by earth's citazens, and rape. We are her children, and our Mother is in pain. Do you not feel it? Can you not feel her pain and grief? Will you stand by and do nothing? Not even shed a tear or spare her a thought? We are here to learn to create our reality, and we can, but the time is fast approaching when that decision will be taken out of your hands. We will learn the easy way, or the hard way. Too many have stood by, out of fear, or greed and let this happen. Now she is fighting back...I say "Bravo Mom...Way to go!!!" It's about time, but our mother is patient and longsuffering with her children.
When this starts, we who are from other planets, or worlds of existance, will be much needed. We are to help in as many ways as we are able. There will be may geophysical changes wrought in the earth, and there will be a shift in consciousness. All will be changed. We each have our own lessons to learn, one of mine has been to listen to my intuition and go with my instinct, not what I hope is, even if it means that someone will be hurt in the process. I feel your pain, since I am an empath...I also feel the earth's pain. The whole universe is changing, my friend. and we must either change with it or move on to another dimension to learn. For many, this is exactly what will happen. For others, their consciousness will be raised, which will enable them to more fully understand what is expected of them.
I leave you with peace, and hope for a bright new future, where people will live in harmony with our Mother.

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