Monday, April 30, 2007

Is Truth Subjective?

Dear Journal,
I have a question or three. Is truth subjective? When Pilate ask Jesus "What is truth?", Jesus didn't answer. I think it's because truth is subjective, based on your personal life experiences.
Did you ever notice a person's body language when they lied to you? They give away themselves all the time, if you know what to look for. But if the person doing the lying believes what he is saying, then he doesn't give any indication of it. Because to him it is the truth.
So perhaps truth is subjective. Some people like to use logic to cover up things and cause you to think their way. Which is fine if you like mental chess, but it can be awfully confusing sometimes. I suppose it's like memories, and dreams. They can both be/seem so real, while we are living thru them, but after we wake up, we know it was but a dream, and the memory is just something we lived thru again.
Take a fire-walker, for example, he can walk on a bed or red-hot coals, without getting burnt. I know I can't. The two sets of truth is based on perspective. His perspective is that he can, and mine is that I can't. We both know it's hot. So why can he walk on it and I can't? Because of his life experience has taught him that he can use mind over matter to be in control of what he feels and believes, and mine hasn't gotten that far yet. Which is not to say that I personally want to be a fire-walker. I don't. But I think it makes a good example of how truth can be subjective.
This little treatise is not so some people can say well, you did say truth is subjective, as an excuse for lying. I do and will know. Even if you believe it to be true.
Enough about subjective truth for now. Peace,

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