Sunday, April 29, 2007

no rain, war and democracy, and reality

Hi all,
If you live in Avondale, then you know it didn't rain last night. It's now 5:55 a.m. and it hasn't yet. Oh well, it will eventually. Even if it didn't rain, it will eventually. A couple of hours of sleep just doesn't get it, so I'm tired. But I'll lay down when Deuce does. I feel good about things, but a little unsettled at the same time. Why is that? Because I'm looking at the bigger picture. And it just doesn't feel quite right, somehow. I'm not sure on what level, but it's like I'm waiting for something to happen.
Did you know? There's a hitch hiker on a pack of Camel cigarettes? Look real close, near the front leg of the camel. Don't see him? Must've caught a ride. lol.
That's an old joke my bro in KY told me years ago. There's a lesson to be learned there. Optical illusions. They can be a bitch, 'cause you think you see one thing, and you actually see something else. Or do you? Do you see anything at all? When we look at things, what exactly do we see? Does it depend on our own personal reality? A person who is having DT's can see a pink elephant. Everybody knows that elephants are not pink, and yet that person can see them. Why? What if I think the grass is purple, and the trees are orange. I don't. But what if I did? It doesn't invalidate you seeing the grass as green.
We have all been relying on others too much for our reality. It's a little like being stuck in a rut. An example: I go down one street and over two, just to get to the store. Now I know there is at least two other routes I can take to get to the same store, or even a different one if I choose. The operative word there being 'choose'. But I'm afraid something might happen if I choose to go a different way. Don't worry, it will. But I'm afraid of the unknown. Down one of the other two paths are the most gorgeous flowers mankind has ever seen. And there is a wonderful little park down the other street, that even has a petting zoo. But I don't know that, because I'm too afraid to change my route.
This is why so many people are stuck in a rut. Fear of the unknown. Such beautiful things might be just around the next corner. Yeah, there could be a monster lurking there, could be one under your bed, too. Oh I forgot, that's why you always sleep with the light on, isn't it? If I was afraid of everything, and sometimes I feel like I am, I would've never gotten anywhere. My mom says I walk where angels fear to tread. Of course that makes me think she just might be calling me a fool. So what of it? To face one's fears, and yet not let the fear be in control is better than letting fear control you. We all have decisions to make. We can either stay in our comfortable little rut, or we can face our fears, and go a different route. Look at the bright side, nothing ventured, nothing gained. How can you face yourself in the mirror each morning if you let fear control you all the time? Ohhh! That's why you don't have any mirrors, and I was beginning to think you might be a vampire. They don't like mirrors, ya know. lol.
All of us need to step back and take a hard look in our own mirrors. We, as a country stand for democracy and freedom. And yet, we aren't free. We tolerate so many things that take away our basic rights and freedom to make choices everyday. We aren't tolerant of other people's belief systems, even here in our own country. People still think witches worship the devil, and we don't even believe in the Christian devil. Some of the Islamic peoples are intent on making sure all people worship their god. Why aren't we all tolerant of the way other people believe? Do we fear that the other person's god might be stronger than ours? All thru history, mankind has waged war in the name of whatever god he believes in. We are supposed to be politically correct, accept aliens from other countries coming here, and taking away our resources. Now look, I don't mind sharing, but when people from other countries have more rights than Americans...that pisses me off, because it's fundamentally wrong. And what about smoking? That is my right to choose where I smoke. As a non-smoker, you have the right to not be in the same room as me when I'm leave the fucking room. But as for outside smoking, that is just ludicrous. Talk about big brother trying to be in control! Because we let them. They have narrow minds, small dicks, and don't know how to use they have to control something. They, of course, being big brother. And another thing about the war, it isn't necessary. If they want to run it their way, let them...we all need to stop sticking our noses into everyone else's business. Including countries. Hell, America isn't even taking care of it's own. But it can sure as hell take care of people from other countries. Charity starts at home, not elsewhere. I'm not against helping others, I am against being taken advantage of.

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