Thursday, May 31, 2007

another day feels like shot to hell

Hi All,
In other words, it feels as if I've wasted the whole damn day, and yet I haven't because I added a guestbook to my homepage, and I've started learning CSS. so I've not totally wasted it. I do want to get it done before I leave, but who knows? Learn the CSS and especially get the pages updated. Then again, I might just say the hell with it and leave it as it is. I'm not even sure I like it as it is, seems to me that it was better the other way.
I'm getting anxious to leave. I'm hoping for June 5th. Once I make up my mind, I prefer to just get on with it. No dragging the heels for me, thank you. Regardless of where my path leads me, I'm going to live my life to it's fullest. Regardless of what anyone might think. In fact, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about anything, and if I do, it's only because I ask for their opinion.
So there, how's that for being rude? Not really. I don't think it's rude, but then I'm sure others will. I can hear my daughters now..."You're so rude!" Sometimes it's called for, but not at others. I laugh when I think of one of them saying that. Because I have fond memories of them, even when we have disagreed about things. They are independent thinkers, thank the gods and goddesses. I love them and miss them. Enough mushy stuff too.
I don't really have anything to say in particular. I want to post here everyday, but as you know, I usually don't. Although there are times when I post more than once. I wonder if I'm tying to make up for the times I missed? Doubt it, but nice try. LOL One must laugh at oneself once in awhile. I use to get really upset when people would say to lighten up, and laugh at myself. My response was usually along the lines of "why should I when there are enough others to laugh at me?" But now that I'm older, I see the reason, and it isn't to beat them to the punch. If I can laugh at myself over things, it's easier to cope with things. Then it was dumb...seemed to be, but now, I realize that it is smart. Better than letting things get to me. I guess that's enough for now.
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