Wednesday, May 16, 2007

an apology, page can now be seen in msie

Hi All,
I never realized until yesterday that my home page couldn't be seen in MSIE. It did work, because when I looked at it from our apartment before Charlie died. I usually use firefox, but haven't used MSIE for awhile. Once I realized the problem existed, I rectified. So for all of those who tried to see my page in msie, I apologize.
So why wouldn't it work in msie? No idea, but it's fixed. Thank all those involved in helping me.
I found a wonderful book online today, it is along the lines of how I believe, and it has helped me, so it might be something you use to help you as well.
That link will take you there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So read it, see if it makes sense to you.
I'm not going to write a lot right now, mostly because I wanted to let you know that the page is now fixed.

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