Thursday, May 17, 2007

more about your reality

Hi All,
This was originally going to be entitled, "should I be a smart ass today?" Then I changed my mind. But I still might. Yeah, why the hell not? It's the kind of mood I'm in. Actually, I'm in a very good mood.
We make our own reality. Period. Our perceptions reside inside our minds. If you are knocked out for a period of time, you are totally unaware of anything. At that time, nothing exists for you, because you're unaware of it. This sounds like a smart ass statement, but actually it's true. Therefore, what you think on and focus your intent on is what you draw or bring to you.
Do you ever wonder about stuff? Just stuff in general? Like, oh say, where did animals get their names from? Who decided to call them that? Bears? Different spelling, but still they aren't bare. Or dogs? Why are they called dogs? Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west? Does the sun even move? How do you know for sure? The earth is turning, so maybe it's the earth, not the sun. Where does the name earth come from? Terra firma...meaning firm earth. Earth is usually called soil or dirt, and yet you don't hear people referring to the earth as dirt.
See what kind of mood I'm in? It feels good too. I can playful, or serious, or even funny. Whatever I am at the time, it's a choice, even if it's an unconscious choice. But then, since this is my reality, I choose to be happy. Hey, do I even exist? Do you? Or...are we all just figments of someones' or somethings' imagination? If so, who are they, or it? Why imagine any of us?
Life is merely a game, to help us to learn how to define our reality. Some times it sucks, sometimes it's joyful. It, again, all depends on your personal perceptions of it, based on your life experiences. It's been fun, thank you all for sharing my life experiences.

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