Wednesday, May 23, 2007

damn...this oughta be good

Hi All,
Hmmm...Ok, I've gotten this far. Now what? No idea. so, I guess I'll just ad-lib it a bit. Meaning: I may talk about nothing, or something in general. Sometimes it's best to not have things planned out as far as what one may say here.
I've been tired lately, the last few days. Seems as if all I want to do is sleep. I suppose you could say I'm not getting enough rest, but it's as if what I'm doing in my dreams is taking my energy. I think it's a little more than that. I do know that something is coming up, or I wouldn't be this tired. Been there, done that. Plenty of times. I know I have chronic fatigue syndrome. so I know that is part of it. If I can become a little hyper, but not too much, then I'll be fine. Give myself an order I suppose. I sure as hell don't have time for all this tiredness.
Other than that, life is fine. Although I am working on a few things that really need cleared up. In my life, for the most part. Think I'll play a game for awhile. Get rid of some stress. Peace to all who is looking for her.

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