Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi All,
Happy Mother's Day!!! This is a good day to write about mother's, and their relationships with family members. Most of us, (mothers) are not perfect. Neither is anyone else, for that matter. But when we are little, we think of our parents as gods, then as we grow up, we see all their flaws and lose 'faith' in them. I'm a mother, and I'm not perfect. Neither is my mother, nor are my daughters, who are now mothers. We look at our kids, and want them to be perfect. They can't be, neither can we be. None of us have learned enough yet. Let's let our children be themselves, accept them as they are, and love them anyway. Even if they aren't perfect, they are perfect for us. They have exactly the qualities we need to learn and grow, and to accept people as they are. Children teach us so much, and yet we need to be away from them for periods of time in order to truly appreciate them for themselves.
I love all my grandkids, and yet if I have to be around them, or any other kids for long periods of time, they get on my nerves. That is only natural. As we get older, we see how things are, and want them to be different because we expect more from them the older they get, as well as more from ourselves.
I'm not a very good grandmother, since I'm not there...but then again, if I'm not there, as much as I miss them, at least I won't be bitching at them. I do miss and love them, as well as my daughters. They are, each and everyone of them, special in their own way. They each have unknown potential to grow and become what they want. People we love have the hardest time with us, because we know what they're like, and they know what we're like. We all know each other's faults and fallacies, but we often forget they are learning too. Emotions come into play. Then we argue, disagree, say things we don't mean. That is really dumb. Mothers have a hard time raising kids, and the kids sometimes have a hard time growing up. If we don't accept our kids as they are, how will they ever learn to accept themselves?
We all want to be accepted and loved as we are. In the case of kids, shutting them out is not the answer. Each child is special in it's own way. As we grow up, (even adults need to grow up), we all learn more and more about our world, our surroundings, and what makes it tick for us.
Mother's are supposed to be there for us, and for many of us, they aren't. My mother wasn't, when she couldn't cope with things mentally or emotionally, she would become physically ill. So my brothers and I pretty much raised ourselves. I was a better mother than my mom, but I still made mistakes. I see my daughters making mistakes, and yet there's no point in pointing that out. They think I'm just being bossy and rude. I'm not, but they don't see that. I wish them well. I don't like interfering in their lives, and I hate to see them taken advantage of by anyone.
There are people in our lives who only want us to be taken down, and you know who you are. I know who you are, so do they. This isn't going to happen, so you might as well back off. We are prepared for your next assault, and like the web you are weaving, you will be caught up in it, even as you read this. There will be no escape for you, and no mercy given. While I do believe in mercy, I also believe in justice, not fairness mind you, but justice. No one ever promised fairness, but justice is a given. What goes around, comes around.
With all that said, I wish all a happy mother's day.

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