Sunday, May 13, 2007

living as a human

Dear Journal,
Do you possibly think I could've had a more boring day? I sincerely doubt it. Been there, done that...don't want to do it again. I even cooked dinner for my bro, fried chicken, potatoes, biscuits and gravy. Wasn't bad. In fact it was pretty good.
For those of you who think I don't have a life, think again. I do, and sometimes it has its' ups and its downs, just like anyone else.
For awhile now, I've discussed many things with friends, acquaintances and just people in general. One of the things I've discussed is the coming earth changes. It should make me nervous, it doesn't. Not since Charlie's death. I feel like I'm ready, I also feel peaceful and accepting of many things. I feel more compassionate, and yet there is a part of me that is angry about all this. I know this had to be.
We do create our reality, and yet there are things we cannot change, lessons we have to learn. There are decisions we must make, options we can create, and yet, due to what we must learn, there are things we cannot change, so we must accept them.
I am a humanoid in a human body, I truly believe this, and yet I know it sounds crazy...hell, maybe I am, but as with most things, it is subjective. As a being from another world, which no longer exists, I had to be born as a human, to experience what it's like to be a human, to understand why and how they can make some of the choices they make. That's the easy part.
The hard part comes when the earth changes come. I, like others, don't always have the patience to deal with people. I don't mean to put humans down, but ye gods! look at the mess you've made and are continuing to make of your planet, your home. Well, actually it's your home, but it sure as hell isn't your planet, it belongs to the Universe, as do all sentient beings, but then the Universe belongs to the Divine Will, which in turn belongs to the creators of all. Does this make any sense? Then perhaps you aren't evolved enough for the truth. But, the truth will out, my friend. When it does, so many people will be blind sided, it will be like being hit by a train.
I wish, even tho I really don't like being human, (it does have it's good points), that I could make it easier for you. I've lived here for 50 years, and I don't see that you've made any progress in ways that count. Where is your tolerance? Your compassion? Why do you not care for the well-being for your fellow man? Why do you think you have to be so selfish with everything? And that it has to be every man/woman for himself/herself? This isn't the way you were created to be. Do you not see the lessening of your self worth in your own eyes? Do you not see the loss of hope you are experiencing by doing this? If you do this to others, they will do it to you. This is how you think and act. Actually you don't even act, you react. You always want the other to change the way they act, and yet you do not want to change either your own actions or your reactions.
There will come a time when you will question all you have done, and you will feel so ashamed of the way you have treated your fellow man.You will think "God" has come with divine retribution. And yet, this is not totally true. The creator loves his creations, and experiences all that you do.There are things you must learn, including how to integrate your dark/negative side with your light/positive side. Here on earth, while we learn, we are pretty much equals. But we have different 'functions'.
There are a couple of places in your bible that say you may entertain angels unawares. There are 'watchers' here, as well as guardians, warriors who help to protect you...and yet, sometimes we question if it is worth it. We know it is, and yet we are so tired of all the non-sense you do.
If you love yourselves as you should, and love your neighbor as yourselves...then what is the problem. There are very many atrocities going on even as I type this, all in the name of "God". Where is the sense and love in this? Does he not have the same right as you? Why must you always push your beliefs on others? Why can you not be tolerant of your short-comings?
These are questions you will be asked.
I will leave you to sleep in peace for now, but be warned, the day is fast approaching when you will no more have peace until you find it in your hearts to be compassionate, forgiving and tolerant. When you see yourself as others see you, then perhaps you will be ashamed of your actions and reactions enough to finally grow up and evolve to your full potential. Because we are all full of potential.

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