Tuesday, May 8, 2007

hmmm...now what?

Hi All,
I've made a tough decision. NO, I'm not leaving. But I have decided to go back on POF, because that is one way to meet new people, to make new friends. I'm not sure I'm ready for actual dating, but I need to meet new people. So on POF, I've specified making friends.
I know it seems callous to go on POF so soon, but I can't cope with this like this. Meeting new people, and doing things will get my mind off of this pain, even if for short periods of time.
I hope all of you will understand. I don't think Charlie would mind, he certainly wouldn't want me to mope around, since life is for living.
Why am I being defensive? I'm not, I do feel like I'm justifying my decision. I'm not so shallow that I've lost my feelings for Charlie, and I know that my friends understand that, just like they understand me.

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