Friday, May 18, 2007

interesting day

What an interesting day it was yesterday. A friend of mine carves creatures from wood, one of which is a 'witch troll' with an owl perched on her head. Twice before, she appeared to me, bigger than what the carving actually is, just before I moved to NM. Yesterday afternoon, late, she appeared as bigger than she actually is while at Lee's. I really like this little creature, I see her as wonderful. I do feel a connection with her, and sense a life within...but I also respect her. She is representative of primitive magick. Lee has told me that she has never done that before, and has no idea why she appears to me. Maybe she likes me?
Any while I'm used to spirits appearing to me, and hearing them, I'm not use to having a bunch at one time. Yesterday, I told Lee that he should sell his carvings, I had felt that the last time I was there, but didn't mention it because I thought he had already decided to not do that, and yet yesterday I had a really strong urge to tell him to sell them. We were also discussing a few other things, such as magick and the coming changes here on earth as well as spiritual and mental changes. Then I noticed, and saw within my mind that we had an audience. Three rows of chairs set up in a semi circle, filled with men and women, all dressed in white, were there listening to us. I said to them "Listening to us, are you?" They didn't answer, since none was necessary...but they stayed close to half an hour. I also felt as if I was visited by Charlie.
wanted me to know that he is still around. I've noticed that whenever I feel particularly down, he'll say " urge to say that yesterday after discussing some of these things, and then I heard Charlie say, "I know many may think it too soon to be getting on with life when he hasn't been gone that long, but he merely said, "Duktayp, baby." Sometimes I say, "Love you, too, baby" or "Duk tayp, baby", but sometimes I say "Sometimes duktayp just don't get it, baby." Whenever I would talk about certain things, Charlie would say "That girl, she just ain't right, she just ain't right." I had the urge to say that yesterday. To which I would reply, "I might not be right, but I ain't wrong either." I felt theDuk tayp, baby." It's just his way of letting me know he's still watching over me. I know this, and yet sometimes it hurts so much so as to make me cry. Happened yesterday. But that is ok. Shortly after he said that, our audience left. Maybe there's a connection, maybe there isn't. These people, and never so many at one time, as yesterday, ever come to listen to me. I have sensed before when I'd have an audience listening to me talk about things, but usually only one or two, maybe three. so, maybe I'm on the right track, and then again maybe not. I'm sure they'll let me know when I need to know.
I'm used to this, and yet it usually signifies change of some kind in my life. Since I'm always ready for change, that's fine with me. At least I have an interesting life.
I've always sensed others around me that most people can't see, and I've carried on conversations with them. This usually makes most people nervous, to say the least. Some tho, just take it in stride, as being who/what I am. I really appreciate this from you all, you know who you are, because this is truly a kindness. To accept a person exactly as they are is damn near too cool for words. I try, but don't always succeed, since I can usually see how they really are, and they're not living up to their potential. It pisses me off when they do this, and I expect them to do better. Maybe they don't want to do's between them and the Universe, and the Powers that Be. And yet, it irks me. That is ok, tho, it's just me...wanting them to be the best they can be. Sounds like an army slogan. They aren't in my army. Hell, I don't even have an army. Not that I'm aware of. Maybe it's just the 'mommy' in me.
I think that about does it for this post. Peace to each and every one of you.

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