Friday, May 18, 2007

no middle ground...or "git-r-done'

Hi All,
You know, I'm so tired right now. And yet I have so many things to do. I often am tired, my sleep patterns are screwy at times, but they serve my purposes well. Whether I'm tired or not, when things need doing, they get done as soon as possible.
I love the phrase form Larry the Cable Guy, "Git-r-done". It defines me so well, at times. I am a 'can do' person. I believe in doing what needs to be done to get it done.
I don't make plans, nothing is set in concrete, except my principles, I just do what comes into my mind. Sometimes there is no middle ground. And yet there are times when we do need to make a compromise. But not on our principles. That is never a cool thing to do. And yet, people do it all the time. For a variety of reasons. You don't need me to tell you why you do this, you already know. But think about this. What is life without honor?
What is life without principles? In my opinion, it is meaningless. It is useless. Why even bother living if it has no meaning? Life is full of meaning, and can be perceived as many things. It can also be perceived as containing many things.
Life is inside us, and so we each perceive it in different ways. All perceptions are based on our individual life experiences. We don't all see things the same, nor do the same things have the same meaning for each of us. This is another way we each order/create our own reality.
Many people whom I've talked to about Charlie, say they are sorry it didn't work out...meaning he died too soon. It did work out, just not the way I would've preferred. I would rather have Charlie here, alive, right now. But the Universe, and the Powers that Be, have other things for me to do, and Charlie had come to the end of this incarnation. So while we knew each other this time around for only a few days, I have many memories of him that will have to suffice until we meet again. Thus have some of my thoughts been today. So, yeah it worked out, just not like I wanted. Why? Or why not? Will I ever know? Eventually. Sometimes we are told why things happen, and sometimes not.
We, as a race, whether we are born here or are even human or not, want to know why things work as they do. Why so much pain? Why not more happiness? Because people learn when they are in pain, and sometimes even in happiness. If we get too cocky, we risk losing it all.
I also just remembered something, concerning when I'm tired for a few days. I expend a lot of energy, so of course I'm tired, but sometimes when I'm tired, it's because I need to work on things sub-consciously while I won't have the usual interference. Means I'm on the right track about something or even multiple somethings. And I'm usually learning something new, even being prepared for something new in my life. I do know that in the last month or so, that my physic abilities are increasing to new levels. They are stronger now than they have ever been. Interesting phenomena.
Guess that is enough for now.

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