Thursday, May 3, 2007

pagan/witch...answer for yesterday's question

Dear Journal,
Yeah, it's one of 'those' entries. Once again, duh!, I have forgotten an important thing about me. I'm a witch, a pagan...I don't have to accept what I don't want in my life. I can change it. I hate it when I forget such simple things. I always change that which I don't like. Remove things, add things, etc. Just like any good little witch. So it's time to go on the offense, until such time as I need to go on the defense.
I forgot why I do magick in the first place. It's to make my life better. I've not been disappointed in my magickal practices yet. It's time to stop acting like a 'mortal', and act like my heritage deems best, to be a witch/pagan with all it entails. I'm not saying I'm not a mortal, but for lack of a better word, I chose that one. Some people use magick naturally, and some people live in the mundane world. Since there is no reason to not use it, I'm going to. Although, I would use it regardless, it's in my nature.
I don't really care what anyone else thinks about my approach to life, since I prefer to do what works for me. There is nothing I truly want, material wise, although when there is, I usually gt it. I want peace of mind, and that is usually obtained by doing what I'm supposed to be doing. It's really simple, which is why I keep forgetting it. Doesn't mean I'm dumb, just not paying attention.
Peace to all,

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