Friday, June 22, 2007

5:43 a.m....hmmm

Good Morning,
The following in quotation marks is my horoscope for today. How cool is that? Even tho the weather is already hot, at least from where I'm sitting it is, I think it's cool.
"Expressing your emotions with confidence can provoke an unexpected response from a coworker or partner. Although you thrive on making others feel at ease, don't worry so much today about trying to be nice. Even if your concern for others makes you happy, you must now push past the infatuation stage and beyond your dreams. Get real and make a move that truly counts."
I underlined the word 'nice', because some people insist on calling me 'nice'. If you think I"m 'nice', then it's obvious that you don't know me. I am intriguing, and an enigma, as well as a host of other things...but nice isn't one of them. Nice and honesty don't usually go hand in hand. I truly do care about other people's feelings, but that doesn't stop me from speaking my mind.
I guess it's decision time...according to my horoscope, which is often right on target as to what's going on in my life, in part. With that said, maybe I'm not ready to make a decision. Maybe I'd rather do like many others and procrastinate.
But then, since I'm not like others, I'll retain my individuality, thank you. Look we all want stuff, we want it here and we want ti now. But the problem is in where you focus, or place your intent. Let me ask you a question...Do you appreciate the here and now? Do you stop to truly enjoy that cup of coffee? Or can/bottle of soda? So you stop to smell the roses? So you stop to enjoy the now? This minute of time? If not, how will you ever enjoy what you want, if you can't take the time to enjoy what you have? This is so self-defeating. Maybe people are actually afraid of succeeding? It would mean more to live up to, wouldn't? Be happy. Live in the moment. I'm going to use another example. Let's say you go out on a date, and afterwards you both decide that there's definitely chemistry between you. You are both free to make love, will you choose to enjoy this passion now? Maybe you'd rather wait until later? Why? Passion is for the present. Passion is for anything, anytime, anywhere. Not the sex passion, but the passion for the thing you desire. It's the same kind of thing. Haven't you ever been passionate about something? A new career? An idea? A thought? Movie? Book? Then go with the flow, live in the moment, enjoy the here and now. You'll be glad you did. And if the opportunity comes along to help someone, then do it...what goes around, comes around. Like begets like, so if you are constantly thinking (focusing) on your lack, that is what you bring to you, your lack. Focus on what you have, not on what you don't have. Jesus said to "first seek ye the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Psalms 82:6 says "I have said, Ye are gods; all of you children of the most High." John 10:32 "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in you law,I said, YE ARE GODS?" I am not a Christian, but I have been. If we are children of the most High...the Creator, then we are also gods, just as it is written. We are gods in training. We are learning to create our reality the way we want. It doesn't exist outside ourselves. I know, I know...things happen that we don't like, and if we're gods, then why does it? After all, we didn't ask for it. But there's the rub, you see. We did, we create everything in our world, our universe...nothing exists outside ourselves. We are physical manifestations of the thoughts of ourselves...if we are gods in the training, then it behooves us to be careful of what we think, or wish for. I think that is enough for now.
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