Monday, June 18, 2007

I have no idea what today's topic is yet

Dear Journal,
How am I supposed to write about something if I've no idea what I should write? Maybe an amusing little story? Or just what I've been thinking about today? Maybe parts of a dinner conversation?
I know that some of you who read this, don't agree with me. Guess what? I don't care. Everything expressed here is my belief, not someone else's. I've been at for some of the things I've said, and told that even saints feel sorry for themselves once in awhile. Gee, does mean I'm saint? Or that I should waste time feeling sorry for myself? Damn it! I will not. Just because others aren't on the same level as I am, doesn't mean I should do as they say. Nor does it make me any better than anyone else, or even that I know everything. I don't.
I believe in what I say, I believe what I say. I think life is perfect. Now what happens in life isn't. Life is a teacher, and a nurturer. The earth is my mother. I believe in many things. This blog is simply my expression. I haven't ask anyone to agree with me, not to believe as I do. What is the use in that? I don't care if you believe as I do or not. That is your business. Not mine.
But then I believe that we should live in harmony with nature, not in adversity. There is too much 'sport' killing, and it is an affront to anyone who cares about the balance of nature. It seems as if people are intent on killing the trees, but guess what? Where there are no trees, there is no air, then there is no us. We need those trees. Everything must be in balance, when things fall out of balance, earth herself will eventually right the balance.
Man is the most destructive being on this planet Earth. Why? The animals aren't. We are the most wasteful, the pettiest. What happened that caused mankind to become the way he is? I don't mean the fall of man, the garden of Eden theory. I mean even before then, when it first began. Mankind at one time lived in harmony with his surroundings, with nature. Then he stopped living in harmony, he became greedy, uncaring, he stopped being compassionate.
I believe that man is becoming the way he use to, in the very beginning. To be compassionate, caring. I would like to believe this to be true. I certainly hope it is.
When will we come to our senses and live in harmony with nature again? What is true for me, isn't necessarily true for others. I forget that sometimes. For that I apologize. But you know what? I like my life, what I don't like, I fix. I love me and accept me as I am.
With that thought in mind, I wish you all peace, love and laughter.
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