Thursday, June 14, 2007

the white bull

Dear Journal,
It seems as if I'm being chased by a white bull. If so, why? White bulls denote favor, prosperity, but they also denote sacrifice. They are also associated with Mithra...of Greek mythology, as well as Minos, and a bunch of others. I have had at least four dreams of the white bull over the years, and two of them were in the last week and a half. The dreams started in 2000, and while I don't remember dreaming about them before, in the dream I knew the ancient city I was in, and I even knew the bull that was chasing me. The bull didn't intend me any harm, and yet I was running from it...because I was probably trying to run from my destiny, at some point in one of my lives, present or prior. It matters not, the lesson was that you can run from your destiny, but you can't hide. The gods have called me for a purpose, and I will meet them this time. Can't go back on my word, now can I? A given word is a bond. Too many people break their bonds, and then expect people to trust them anyway. I don't trust liars, neither do others. But, trust has many levels.
Truth also is subjective, so what is true for one may not be true for others. What makes it subjective is how people perceive things. Just because you always see the grass as green, doesn't mean that others do as well...they might see it as orange, or whatever color.
Back to the white bulls. There are many legends and myths about them. Mithra has also been associated with the term "Sol Invictus", the Sun Unconquerable. Sol is one of the names of the Sun god. I remember awaking with that term in my mind one morning, and I was saying it as well. So I guess, they are in my life for a reason, which they will make more clear when they are ready. They will often 'humor' me with answers, but they really don't like to be rushed, nor do I. I give them the same courtesy they give me. Which is the same courtesy I would give anyone else. There are times when I think I need an answer right now, when in reality...I don't, it's just me wanting an answer now. I have found that if I give them a chance, things work out better, both in the long run and in the short interim. Sometimes my timetable and theirs run concurrently, then I am in sync with them, and it is so great! So I get my answers almost instantaneously at those times.
It is so beautiful today! It may be hot but the wind is blowing, and I would like to be by the water; I can imagine it tho. The earth, the wind, the water, and fire and the spirit. What a great combination. We embody all these things, and yet they are also represented by separate nature spirits or entities. Earth: physical body. Wind: breath. Water: All the liquids in our physical bodies, which is composed of 3/4 liquid (approximately). Fire: Our will, our passions. Spirit: Our spiritual bodies. All represented in one being, each of us has this. As above, so below.
Peace, all.
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