Saturday, August 18, 2007

just rambling...of a sorts

Hello All,
I would like you to think about the 4 affirmations I recently posted here. They are:
I love you. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.
I suppose some, if not most people would like to know why the hell they should say these when things are so screwed up in people's lives today. So, here goes for my take on it.
When we say "I love you", we re sending out something very special to whomever we say it to, even the Universe, and to the Creator.This is positive, and there is nothing negative about it. What we send out, we get back. So if we are sending out love, we get love back.
When we do something wrong, we say "Forgive me" and "I'm sorry." These two sort of go hand in hand. It always behooves us to forgive the wrongs against us, and to ask for forgiveness for whatever we have done wrong. We apologize for doing wrong to others. This doesn't mean that we are to take a bunch of crap from others, but we can forgive them. We are showing the Universe and the Creator that we understand the power of forgiveness.
When we say "Thank you", we are showing gratitude for the goodness, and the kindnesses in our lives. We are grateful for the food we have, the roof over our heads, the clothes we wear, that we are alive to learn whatever lessons we need to. Yes there are bad things that happen everyday, but should we be any less thankful for the good we have? However little it is perceived. Especially for friends who are there for us in our time of need. We should also be a true friend, and be there when we are needed. This is the mark of a true friend, to be there when needed, however we are needed. Otherwise, if we are there only thru the good times, or whenever we are the ones who need/want something, we are but fair weather friends. If you are but a fair weather friend, I won't call you friend, not even for the sake of being polite. You are but an acquaintance. I try to be there for people when I'm needed, although I may not always succeed. I think you have to be a friend in order to have a friend. Friendship goes both ways, it is not just for the convenience of one. I can just hear some of you now, but regardless of what you think, this is true. And all of you know it.
We are beginning to come into a time of major events,and friends are going to be even more of a valued asset than they are now. People these days seem to have forgotten what honesty, loyalty, principles, friendship, and fidelity mean. Maybe some of you should look these words up. I could, but why should I do all the work for you? I'm writing the article, and yes I do go out of the way to give more than 100% sometimes, but still, I'm choosing to not look up the words for you this time.
I wish all of you well, and I wish you love and peace. Forgive me if I've hurt any one's feelings, the truth does hurt sometimes. I love all of you, in my own way...some more than others. I do recognize the god self inside each of you, and in deed in all of nature.
Peace and love,
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