Wednesday, June 4, 2008

gypsy lady?...

Hi All,
It's been awhile since I wrote. I didn't see anything much to write about, well...that's not totally true, I've been writing, but there wasn't anything I wanted to share with everyone. Now there is...
As you know, those of you who read my blog, I've moved back to my mom's. It's been good here, for the most part. Now I'm ready to leave again.
When my kids were growing up, it was their time. Now, it's my time. My time to live life on my terms and live it the way I choose. Of course, I've pretty much done that anyway, just more so now.
I've met someone who I really care about, if fact I'm in love with him. So, my life is with him now, and shortly I'll be there. This man is as much a part of me as Deuce ever was. And no, it isn't the same thing.
I've a had a few close calls over the past year, but I don't think this is one of them. My mind is at ease. I have made up my mind and I'm going, unless he comes here first. Either way, I'm happy. Isn't that part of life? The pursuit of happiness? Among other things. I am already happy inside, and he adds to it.
For awhile now, I've been a little depressed, and even sad some days. I've managed it so as to not let it get me down. I was also hyper, although not maniacal, thank heavens. So, I started drinking coffee with caffeine, although my mom and bro both drink decaf. I prefer the caffeine, and find it really great for controlling the hyperactivity. At least it isn't speed, legal or otherwise. I really don't like Ritalin, and I don't want to try any other adhd related meds. Besides, when I was on Ritalin, I went into the overdose level really fast, even tho they were watching me with it. But I was becoming immune to it so fast, and they had to keep increasing the dose every couple of months. Finally I said the hell with it, and went off it. I would much rather treat this myself thank you. Sometimes doctors are great, and they have both the sense and the courtesy to listen to the patient. Some don't, and they are the ones I try to avoid. After all, it is my brain and my body. I live in them 24/7 and I should know what goes on there. They don't. If they don't choose to listen, then I'm not wasting my time with them. I know they know their business, since they're trained for it, but by the same token, I've lived in my body and brain 51 years. So it isn't as if I'm totally in the dark about it.
I wish you all peace, love and happiness,
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