Tuesday, October 21, 2008

follow your heart

Hello All,
Do you remember watching "Little House on the Prairie", the episode where Charles Engles takes the sick boy to see the ocean? That little boy was so ill that he had trouble walking, and yet when he was at the ocean, he wanted to walk the rest of the way rather than have Charles carry him. When he was halfway to the ocean, from where they awaited him, he ran. He was dying, and yet he ran to get to his goal.
We should all be so bold in getting to where we want to be, or even in just getting what we want. You only live one life at a time, so why be content with being comfortable and staying stuck in a rut?
And yet, that is what people do. They dream about doing things, but that's usually all it is, a dream. They don't have the courage to go for what they want. If this is the only life that counts while you're living it, meaning that each life counts, but this one most of all right now, because you're living it now, then why not go for what you want? So many people I know always talk about what they want, but never go for it. Then...
The next thing you know, you're life is over and you're taking the journey thru deaths' door. Too late then, don't ya think? All the times you let 'life' stand in the way of living. Shame on all of you. and so what if others don't understand? That's a personal problem they have. Hey, look, I'm not living your life, and you know what you're satisfied with. But when you talk to me about what you'd like to do, and even agree with what I say, it's your fault if you don't take the bull by the horns so to speak. When we have a goal, and are willing to work with it, the problems seem to just melt away. I intend to go for what I want, scratch that, I already am going for what I want.
One word of advice, if you want something bad enough, you'll go for it. On the other hand, some people allow problems to stand in their way. Good luck in your endeavors, regardless of what they are.
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