Monday, September 30, 2013

The Basics of Web Hacking Review

Let’s say, just for the sake of this article, that you’re a developer and that you work for a Fortune 500 corporation. Let’s also say that you take jobs on the side for small companies. You guarantee the security of your apps when used on the web. They are supposed to be secure, and they are only used on the web. So what’s to worry about? Your reputation if you find out that your apps are not secure and you do nothing about it.
This book will help you determine if your apps are as secure as you think, and if they’re not, it will help you find and use the tools to test them. If they need more security, you can then beef up your security, both on your current apps and any future apps. Now your reputation is secured as well.
What if I’m not a developer? What if I’m just a regular Jane or Joe just doing my job? What if I’m just Suzy Homemaker and I’m just checking my email, or I’m selling items on a little website I own? This book is also for you. With the tools and information in this book you can definitely make your website more secure. You can plug the holes and remove as much vulnerability as is possible. This book is chock full of ideas to help you maintain a secure website, and apps whether you’re a developer or not. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone concerned about securing their website and/or apps. If you’re not concerned,, maybe you should be?
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