Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Language of Content Strategy Review

I am often accused of arguing semantics. Apparently what I mean when I say something isn’t what other people mean when they say what sounds like the same thing. If I say that ‘content is the only way to go’, what do I mean? If you say it, what do you mean?
If I’m using a blog to make money from my ‘content’, does this mean that I am writing articles and selling those? Does it mean that I am embedding links within the articles so that people will buy a product that is associated with that article? Maybe it does, but, then again perhaps not.
What is the meaning of the word ‘content’? Does it only pertain to articles, or the written word? Are you using it as a verb, such as she was ‘content’? Maybe you’re using it as a noun, such as this is a very content oriented website. Still, that isn’t very clear. What do we mean when we say talk about ‘content’?
That is why this book is so good; it explains all this and more. If you read this book, you will most likely be on the same page as others when discussing content, and its relationship to the conversation at hand. For a better understanding, it is well recommended for students, employees, employers, business owners, managers, sales personnel and anyone else who is constantly be accused of arguing semantics.

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