Tuesday, April 14, 2015

apps & permissions

Hello Readers!
How are we today? I'm hanging in there. I have a gripe today. It's about the permissions that many apps require.
I know that many of us need apps. Their cute, and darned handy. But when it comes to permissions, it is downright ridiculous. Where's the privacy? I can see why some apps might need to know where I am, but they don't need to access my camera, contacts, email, microphone, and only God knows what else, there are so  many permissions that I forget which ones require which.
Look, my Bible apps don't require any special permissions. Many of my phone company apps do. But why does so many other apps require them? It's ridiculous! I know that part of it is so they can know what to advertise on my phone during the app, this by the way is even so on my Kindle Fire. I don't think many of them they need to know where I am; at the least they certainly don't need access to my contacts, camera, microphone, email, phone calls, etc.
Lighten up developers! I don't appreciate you invading my privacy. Yes I did have to give you permission, but then I do need the app. Is that a fair trade off? No it isn't. You are going into places that you actually have no business going. I don't have anything to hide, but I like my privacy. I don't appreciate developers adding so many permissions into the apps that we use.
I guess that's all for now on this subject.

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