Friday, April 17, 2015

It's about time!

I truly liked this story. It has a few nuggets of that truth that helped me personally. I think there are a lot of truths in it, and that many of the things did and/or are happening as it does in the story. It's wonderful, and gives people a new view of God the Father, angels and demons. I think there is way too much religious spirit in churches and not enough of God's Holy Spirit. I think there is way too much emphasis on programs and way too little of being led by the Spirit.
I realize that there are counterfeit spirits at work, but that is one of the reasons why Father gave us the discerning of spirits so that we can know which is interacting with us. Is it the Holy Spirit or satan's counterfeit? For instance, dancing in the spirit. Is it Biblical? Yes it is. David danced before the Lord.
I had a better relationship with my dad than with my mom. I mention this because in one place in the book, the angel talks about Scots' relationship with the Father and his relationship with the world. Regardless of what has happened in my life, I've always felt as if God never let me down. I've not always lived as a Christian, but I've felt his presence with me even then, as well as the angels. I've also seen demons. Not my cup of tea. But to know they're there and to see them is a big help sometimes. I'm learning to look at what God the Father is doing in my life rather than what satan is doing. This is also mentioned in the book, and while we need to cast out demons, let's not see everything as being done by demons. Use God's Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge. I talk to God just as if I'm talking to my earthly dad, although my earthly dad has returned to be with the Father for a few years now, as has my mom.
People talk about praying. I usually say that I don't know how to pray. I just talk to God, just like I would talk to my dad. I can talk to God the Father about anything that bothers me, good, bad or indifferent. I don't call him dad, I call him either God or Father, although Father is getting to be more common place for me in my walk with Him.
I wish Mike well, and hope he writes more such books.
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